Our Philosophy

Over many years of medical research process, the group Pezomed® and Derma-Art® Private Dermatology Clinic developed the special Psorioderm® skin care products, which are part of the Pezomed Naturals® product line.




We care about you!

Our goal is to offer products for our customers, which may offer the best possible solution to heal the skin problems. Skin problems can be quite varied: from symptoms of dry skin till the psoriasis what embitter lots of lives; the scale can be very varied. Our company uses controlled quality raw materials, with GMP conditions, suits to the EU standards and laws; we tend to provide solutions for our customers with they can live quality lives.


Controlled ingredients

The Psorioderm® and Psorioderm® Sensitive products include rich plant components. Thanks to the plant extracts, oils and their vitamins and minerals, the nourishing ingredients can reach the deeper layers of skin; they can moisturizer and soothe the skin. Our products do not contain any tar, steroids, paraffin, alcohol or paraben. The Sensitive product line is salicylic acid-free, enriched with honey shea butter and  jojoba oil to protect the sensitive skin.


Controlled quality

The Psorioderm® and Psorioderm® Sensitive products are released after the dermatological tests. In 2011, the members of the Psorioderm® product line were tested in two periods under study at the University of Debrecen Medical Dermatological Clinic. Thanks to the Psorioderm® Cream the patients could heal better, then with the placebo treatment.


Manufacturer compliance, EU regulations

From 11th of July 2013 every cosmetics distributed in any EU member country, should have CPNP registration code. In Hungary our products got this registration number in the beginning we were one of the first changers; this code is not just an administrative warning. In the case of the Psorioderm® products the  whole manufacturing process is under controlled conditions and the same quality like for pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Quality assurance

The new cosmetic law pronounced a new definition: the responsible person. For Psorioderm® products the responsible person the Pezomed Ltd. company, what got the ISO environmental management certification in 2013.


Hungarian Quality

The specialists and the customers also liked our products from the first minute from the start. All feedbacks are very important for us; please let us to share with you some, we are so proud of: the Hungarian Quality Product Award in 2012 for the Psorioderm® product line and in 2013 for the Psorioderm Sensitive® product line.


The members of the product line is good for care about the psoriasis, eczema, skin showing signs of seborrhea; and for the highly dandruff, psoriasis,seborrhea, itchy, sensitive scalp daily care. You can use several times the Psorioderm® products during the daily skin care.

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