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Introduction of the Psorioderm Laboratories Ltd.

The Psorioderm Laboratories Ltd is totally privately held company, part of the Group of Pezomed companies. Our target is to research the psoriasis, eczema, atopic skin, to develop new products for these dermatologist diseases.  Over many years of medical research process, the group Pezomed® and Derma-Art® Private Dermatology Clinic developed the special Psorioderm andPsorioderm Sensitive skin care products, which are part of the Pezomed Naturals® product line. The Psorioderm Laboratories Ltd. and the Pezomed Group engaged to develop, make and sale the natural materials based products.



In our fast-paced world, where more and more products containing synthetics, hormones, and preservatives; it is important to have natural ways to protect our health.


We would like to introduce the Psorioderm and Psorioderm Sensitive products that contain carefully selected natural ingredients, and they make your skin healthier. These uniquely developed products are made of the finest materials: they are rich in nourishing ingredients, like plant extracts and oils, Dead Sea salt, vitamins, minerals.The plus is the Psorioderm complex, what was the result of the many years of medical research.


The Psorioderm® product line and the Psorioderm® complex came off thanks to several years medical  research - development. Our aim was to expand  a natural material based product line, what is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free,  coloring matter-free and preservative-free. The development of Psorioderm® products, all kinds of "suspect", "harmful" material are omitted,  finally we managed to make  a safety product. It does not contain any sulfur, tar nor steroids. Hypoallergenic. The Psorioderm® products are dermatological tested.


The Psorioderm and the Psorioderm Sensitive products are good for care about the psoriasis, eczema, skin showing signs of seborrhea; and for the highly dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhea, itchy, sensitive scalp daily care. You can use several times the Psorioderm  and PsoriodermSensitive products during the daily skin care. The products soothe the irritated skin, soothe itching and reduce skin peeling. Due to its high moisture content regenerate dry chappy skin. They have positive effect on the general condition of the inflamed skin. The special and active ingredients prevent the exfoliation process and eliminate irritation, itching. Psorioderm® products effectively replace the missing skin fats.


During the development we paid attention about the complex care, internal and external harmony.  Our 4 developed products are good for the daily hygiene, and they favorably influence effects of each another.


The Psorioderm®, Psorioderm Laboratories®, Pezomed Naturals®, Derma-Art® proprietary brand names.


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Manufactured and distributed by: Pezomed Ltd. ( The products can be purchased in pharmacies, in the Derma-Art Dermatology Clinic ( and Eventus Pharma webstore. (


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Here you can find the presentation slide shows ofPsorioderm Laboratories in Hungarian, English and Russian languages. Then the Certop ISO 9001 certificates of Pezomed Ltd., Pezomed Slovakia Sro and Pezomed Rom Srl. The Group Pezomed launched and use quality management system  for produce and commercial of the medicinal cosmetics. The system suits the requirementsof BS EN ISO 9001:2009.

The Bisnode Hungary Ltd. classified our company to AA category! Only 1.75% of  Hungarian companies have the right to have  AA Creditworthy AA (Double A) certificate. With us the financial risk of  the development of business relationships is very low.


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Certop ISO 9001 Certificate Pezomed Ltd.
 Certop ISO 9001 Certificate Pezomed Slovakia S.r.o
Certop ISO 9001 Certificate Pezomed Rom S.r.l
Pezomed Ltd. Bisnode AA creditworthy




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