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The ancient natural healing methods
The Psorioderm Laboratories Ltd. and the Pezomed Group engaged to develop, make and sale the natural materials based products. In our fast-paced world, where there are more and more products containing synthetics, hormones, and preservatives; it is important to have natural ways to protect our health.

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Psorioderm Laboratories Ltd. in the Psoriasis research
The Psorioderm® product line and the Psorioderm® complex came off thanks to several years medical  research - development. Our aim was to expand  a natural material based product line, what is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free,  coloring matter-free and preservative-free. The development of Psorioderm® products, all kinds of "suspect", "harmful" material are omitted,  finally we managed to make  a safety product. It does not contain any sulfur, tar nor steroids. Hypoallergenic. The Psorioderm® products are dermatological tested.
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