Aging changes in skin

Aging, wrinkling is a natural process, but the presence of the first disturbing symptoms are various at the individuals.

The skin aging process can be delayed!

Unfortunately, the skin aging process cannot be prevented, but with regular care and grooming this process can be delayed. Around the age of forty the material between the cells, the amount of ceramides drastically reduce. The formation of the agents, like collagen and elastin, what are responsible for skin hydration and elasticity, greatly reduces. Small wrinkles appear around the eyes develop real wrinkles. From the age of fifty years the skin begins to thin, lose elasticity. Collagen is easily decomposed, wrinkles are deeper, slower regeneration of cells. From the age of fifty or sixty years numerous of skin mutation may occur, these are the result of natural process of skin aging, it can be explained by the structural transformation.


The activity of the skin cells reduces!

The cells and glands of the aging skin no longer work as actively, that is why slowly, progressive skin atrophy develops. While the hormone level decreases, the skin loses much of its elasticity and thickness. Due to the narrowing of blood vessels, the blood circulation weakens. By aging the division of the cells, the elastic and inelastic fibers under the surface of the skin (collagen, elastin) reproduce slower. The skin thins, becomes inelastic, the water content of cells decrease, due to improper operation of the sebaceous glands the skin becomes dry, sometimes the surface gently peels. The dermis and subcutaneous tissue begin to thin, the volume of fibers, protective function of the fatty tissue decreases rapidly, more wrinkles appear on the skin. The age-skin atrophy causes earlier problem for the dry skin people, for the oily skin it occurs at the latest.


Dry aged skin

Due to the decreased activity of skin cells, the skin tends to be dry by aging. In the winter this may occur more intensively, partly due to the dry air at the home, on the other part because of the cold and wind outside. First, it occurs on the extremities. The injuries of the thin dry skin are almost not visible, but they can cause secondary skin infection. The eczema is also such a complication of the dry skin. The solution can be to increase the fat and the hydration of the skin. If you can see the dry scaly skin, then the Psorioderm product line can help the peeling and exfoliation of the skin and to keep the moisture maintain.



Aging itchy skin

More than half of all persons aged 60 and older suffer from itching of the skin to a greater or lesser extent. How itching arises is still largely unexplained. Pruritus is however a symptom of other illnesses. Therefore it is always necessary to examine elderly patients thoroughly in order to discover the cause. Selective therapy is not possible until the cause has been found.

Itching of the skin can be localized (limited to one area of the body) or generalized (in which itching occurs all over the body) and occur with or without visible cutaneous manifestations. Medical names for itching of the skin are pruritus senilis for old-age itching or pruritus sine materia for itching with no skin abnormalities. The ageing skin needs every day intensive care.



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