Psorioderm® product family
We used natural substances , vegetable oils, vitamins, essential fatty acids, 18 kinds of plants amino acids (including 8 essential amino acids), minerals, trace elements, special ingredients for the development of the Psorioderm ® product line.
The members of the product line are good for care about the psoriasis, eczema, skin showing signs of seborrhea; and for the highly dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhea, itchy, sensitive scalp daily care. You can use several times the Psorioderm ® products during the daily skin care. The products are composed of attentively selected natural ingredients and help to make your skin healthier.

Psorioderm Sensitive

Psorioderm® Sensitive product family
For babies’ and toddlers’ sensitive skin also.

The paraben-free and salicylic acid-free Psorioderm Sensitive products are good for eczema, atopic, psoriasis and seborrhea skin for daily care. They contain jojoba and honey extracts, contents of Shea butter plus vitamin E. Recommended to apply for daily use. By the natural ingredients it nurses, cares and soothes the dry, sensitive and irritated skin and improve its comfort feeling.
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